As days go on

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

6 Months

Another month has gone by, and he keeps growing and getting bigger and bigger. Still doesn't sleep very much but I keep hoping that someday sometime he'll come to his senses and find it okay to sleep at least once in a while.
This month has been pretty busy, he now rolls all over the place, sometimes getting stuck on his arms, but it's funny, he'll fuss and grunt and then all comes in to place and he'll roll away again.
On the 16th my mom and her dad came down to PHX for four days to spend with the baby. Their plane was delayed in SLC for three hours, but they finally made it and then they got to the house and Kevin's parents were there, brother, Aunt and Uncle, and Desi were all there, so we had lasagna dinner. It was all really good. I of course can't eat tomato so I had fettichini alfredo w/ shrimp. Which was also very good.
They spent Monday and Tuesday with the baby while I was at work. Monday they locked themselves with of course Kevin's help, cuz he gave them the wrong house key, so they spent all afternoon at Wal-Mart(R) until I got there to save them. Good thing the baby likes to shop huh?
Tuesday mom sewed on the car seat cover all day and I am very happy with the results as is the baby because everytime he gets in he snuggles up and calms down or falls asleep.
Wednesday we all four of us got our pictures taken. Then we went to AZ Mills and walked around and then traveled further to the east to Meas to visit friends of my papa, from a very long time ago. We had pizza at Organ Stop Pizza so we could listen to the music a see all the interesting things. The baby wasn't too sure on all this though, maybe because it was a little bit loud.
Thursday me and the baby dropped them off at the airport.

Monday, October 03, 2005

5 Months

Austin is 5 months old.
Does that make me really old, yes?
Does it make me really sad, no, because he's rolling over and trying to hold the bottle and gurgling and cooing and laughing all the time. And still not much sleeping, maybe a 20 minute nap or sleeping in the car until you change the radio from his favorite song.
*He tries to sit up by himself and he just loves looking in the mirror.
*He loves red and will stare at it for over an hour until he so quietly falls asleep.
*When anybody coughs loudly or sneezes more than twice in a row he cries.
*He loves to sleep, when he does, with his vroom vroom blankey that is polar fleece and really soft.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Another weekend

After being completely upset with Kevin for almost a week everything is back to were it has been, with the exception of us talking everything out and seeming to be as good as they get for a while. At least until Jeff is gone.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pictures of Justin

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I don't really know why for sure today, but I can hardly my eyes open. Diet Pepsi is just not making them stay awake and the phone calls are slow and very few between each one. Making the day just drag on.

I get to go to the doctor tomorrow to make sure that everything from having the baby is healing properly. I was doing some excerising and I either pulled something new or aggrivated something that was not feeling well already. Now I have a huge knot on the right side of my stomach area and it kills to do pretty much everything, including lifthing the baby. (Yeah for the doctor.)

Monday, August 15, 2005

What a Weekend

I had a very nice weekend. It was calm and quiet.
Saturday morning the baby woke up at 7:45, I asked him if I could have another hour of sleep, turned on the mobile above the cradle and went to back to sleep. At 8:45 he started crying again. We got up and played a little bit, ate, took a shower/bath, and then decided to brave the mall.

We had to go to Bath & Body Works for the deal of the century, coupon for 5 Antibacterial Hand Soaps for $10.00. They have a deal in the store for 5/$15, so that's good, but this is even better. It says you can only do it once for each customer, but I wonder how they know. I mean if you have more than one acct with them. The technically I'm a different customer, right.

We, Austin and myself, had a wonderful time, with the exception of a short little cry when he decided he was hungry and I forgot the water in the car to make a bottle. Oops. He was great, makes me worried about going to the mall ever again.

Saturday evening we, Kevin, Austin, and myself, all took naps and I finally decided after napping all afternoon, that at 6pm I was going to bed. The baby slept from 5:30 'til 1am, when Kevin got him and then I got him again at 4:30. He started fussing at 7 and I wasn't ready to get up, quite yet, but all he wanted was Pooh so I gave him back, fell asleep for 30 minutes and then he wanted up, so I got him. Of course, it was Kevin's turn but he said that it wasn't that I didn't feed him enough to make him sleep more than 3 hours. I guess that I should have taken that same line when he got him at 1 and I had to get him at 4:30.

We went to Wal-Mart to get diapers and formula, to supply the never ending need. And of course, when at Wal-mart you can't just get one or two things.

Found out Sunday afternoon that the locks that I bought for my car don't work, because of the travel distance to unlock to door. So now everything that I've bought for my car. (tint and locks) will now work in Kevin's truck and not my car. I get to buy the parts again, nevermind that comment, I just called Mazda and they don't sell that part unless it already came in your car. (Merde)

I guess this is enough for now as it has taken me all day to get this done, I mean I've been writing on it for six hours now and this is as far as I've gotten, guess it's Monday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sleep At Last

For the first time in 3 months, I slept almost the whole night through 8pm (yes, I know that it's early) 'til 3:30 when the baby was crying, but Kevin got him so I was only up for a little bit and then fell back asleep. Then he slept from 4am 'til 6:45 (right when I was getting out of the shower). It's a good thing for sleep. I didn't have to wake up before my alarm, so I accidently hit the snooze the button (twice). Oops!

I left the house at the right time, 7:15 and got to work 6 minutes late. There was a huge rollover wreck on the 101 up by where I needed to get off and of course I was stuck in the middle of exits. The baby did not enjoy being in the car for over an hour this morning.

Work is going well, as soon as they figure out when were are supposed to be going to trainings and all.